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CH Roofing and Exteriors uses the “whole house” concept when it is looking at a roof. One of the areas that are almost always overlooked by other roofing companies in Kansas City is a home’s roof ventilation, which is an essential aspect of roofing that many homeowners often overlook. If there is a significant temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs of your home then your roof is not properly ventilated. With a properly ventilated roof, you can cut down substantially on your heating and cooling bills as well as the wear and tear of your AC and furnace.

Roof ventilation is the process of circulating air through the attic space of a home to reduce moisture buildup and regulate temperature. In Kansas City, which experiences both hot summers and cold winters, proper roof ventilation is crucial for the health and longevity of a roof. Without it, heat buildup can cause shingles to warp or curl, and moisture can lead to mold growth and rot, causing significant damage to the structure of a home.

Ice dams are a common problem that occurs on sloped roofs during winter months. They form when snow on the roof melts and the resulting water runs down to the eaves where it freezes again. This cycle of melting and refreezing continues, causing a buildup of ice along the edge of the roof, creating a dam.

The ice dam blocks the flow of water and snow melt, causing it to back up and seep under shingles and into the home. This can lead to damage to the roof, ceilings, walls, insulation, and electrical systems.

To prevent ice dams from forming, it’s important to properly insulate and ventilate the attic space. This helps to keep the attic temperature consistently below freezing, which prevents snow on the roof from melting and refreezing. Additionally, removing snow from the roof can help to reduce the amount of water that accumulates and minimizes the risk of ice dams forming.

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CH Roofing and Exteriors understands the importance of the comfort you should have in your own home. We use the highest-quality roof vents to ensure adequate airflow through your attic. Lomanco roof vents and soffit vents are the preferred vent manufacturers we use for Kansas City roofs.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced Kansas City roofing company that can help you with your roof ventilation needs, CH Roofing and Exteriors should be your top choice. With their commitment to quality, expertise, and customer service, they are the ideal partners for homeowners looking to keep their roofs in top condition.