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The roof is an aspect of a house that homeowners typically do not think much of. A roof is something that every house must-have, but is not something you are ever saving up to upgrade (like your kitchen countertops). Most homeowners in Kansas City do not think about getting their roofs replaced until something happens to it.

Roofs are what protect every house from every element mother nature descends upon a home. One of the biggest learnings of being in the roofing business is that most homeowners know nothing about their roofs. What is even more striking is that Kansas City homeowners typically do not know how old their roof even is. From these learnings, it was decided that there should be tips and advice from a professional Kansas City roofing company for homeowners. CH Roofing And Exteriors came up with the top 5 roofing tips for Kansas City homeowners that will help them gain knowledge about their roof, and signs to look out for when you might need a professional to assess what is going on.

  1. When snow sits on a roof for multiple days, it is common to find water stains on your ceiling. This is due to the freezing and thawing of the snow penetrating the shingles. What typically happens from that is moisture leaking into your attic and onto your ceiling.
  2. When there is a hailstorm, call a professional company to inspect your roof for any damage.
  3. Two to three times a year, walk around your home and see if any of your shingles on your roof are curling or not all nailed down straight.
  4. Granular loss and shingles splitting can be common issues for roofs in Kansas City. If you notice this, have a professional Kansas City roofing company come look. This issue is typically manufacturer defective shingles and can lead to large issues of your home.
  5. Be sure to have trees and other debris cleared from your roof. Tree branches can cause excessive damage to shingles over time, and ultimately destroy shingles that cause water leaks.

Roofs are not a complicated thing to understand. However, what may seem easy to do, is just as easy to do wrong. A “quick fix” on a roof, can lead to more problems than one can imagine if it is not done properly.

A homeowner’s roof should last them a long time. Almost all shingle manufacturers now offer 50-year lifetime warranties on their products. If you have your roof replaced or repaired, be sure that the company is using one of the top roofing shingle manufacturers in America. With little to no maintenance each year, Kansas City homeowners should not have to worry about their roofs. If you have any questions about your roof or have any issues, call CH Roofing And Exteriors at (816) 977-6929.

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