roofing terminology

Common roof terminology that you need to know for your house:

  • Drip Edge: An L-shaped metal strip installed along roof edges to let water drip off away from other parts of the house.
  • Felt/Underlayment: A sheet of asphalt-saturated material used as a protective layer for the roof deck. This is a waterproofing material that is installed in between the shingles and roof deck.
  • Flashing: Pieces of metal, typically 4×4 in size used to seal parts of roofs that intersect one another (valleys and chimneys) on a roof.
  • Gutter System: The gutters and downspouts that safely direct water away from a house.
  • Leak Barrier: A fiberglass device installed on a roof where it’s most susceptible to leaks.
  • Hip & Ridge (or Ridge Cap): A layer of shingles installed on the roof ridge or hip to prevent leaks.
  • Sheathing (Plywood or Roof Deck): The plywood or oriented strand board surface to which roofing materials are applied. Typically the size of sheathing installed on a home is 7/16 4×8.
  • Slope (Pitch): The angle of the roof as measured by the rise in inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run.
  • Ventilation: Vent openings that allow interior air to exit through the roof without letting moisture in.

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